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Shaping a Greener Future

Coconut Paws’ mission is raising awareness of the wildlife and spreading the message of sustainability. Equally, our aim is to minimize ecological footprint by incorporating sustainability into design creation processes. Our patterns have been carefully applied on organic cotton and organic satin fabrics using Eco green printing technology. Based on eco-commitment, we only use ethically sourced natural and biodegradable materials such as high-quality hemp and carefully selected, GOTS certified organic fabrics for our production that takes place in Europe. We are a strong believer in a plastic-free world and our use of recyclable packaging aims to contribute to the global transition efforts. As an earth conscious brand, we aim to provide a combination of a high-quality trendy and sustainable products from start to finish that are made with love and care for your pet.

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Trendy & Eco friendly

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Organic Cotton & Hemp

Wildlife Design


Organic Satin

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