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It all started with a little collie star – Nika.

She is the muse behind the Coconut Paws brand that inspired me to create trendy and eco-friendly high-quality accessories for pets. We all want the best for our furry friends, so it all began with a struggle to find a stylish harness made from sustainable materials for my lovely girl. 

As the search didn’t yield the desired results, I took the matter into my own hands and started to work on designing the first sketches of an exclusive pet fashion line that would have strong values of sustainability combined with stylish and trendy look. That is how Coconut Paws was born – an idea based on love for animals that reaches beyond our household pets.

Inspired with empathy, art and nature, Coconut Paws cares about our planet Earth and all animals. Coconut Paws brand represents sustainable pet accessories made of earth friendly materials with a mission to raise awareness of wild animal preservation. With your support we help a local animal shelter in Lithuania managed by a young and dedicated animal lover, who rescues dogs and horses.

We combined our vision of animal care, sustainability and passion of creating exclusive designs to launch a wild & unique collection of accessories for cats and dogs. Our product selection ranges from collars, leashes, harnesses to cute bandannas and bows designed with love and care for ethical, sustainable & beautiful look.

Dovile & Nika

Nika the director of Coconut Paws brand that represents sustainable accessories for pets
Dovile & Nika - founders of Coconut Paws brand
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